Our Spring Cleaning List – Starting With Your A/C

Spring cleaning makes things so fresh. Besides the usual closet clean out and window wash, the air conditioning system also requires a routine inspection.

Here’s Our List For Spring Cleaning:

-Before the season starts, check the air system. The filters in the air conditioner should be changed each month if one is using a fiberglass filter. Other filters, such as a Hepa filter can last up to six months if it is routinely vacuumed.

-Air conditioners have a drainage opening at the bottom of the unit under the evaporator fins. Use something small to clear the opening to ensure it is unblocked.

-Dehumidifiers also need attention. Remove the outer housing and allow it to dry completely before using a vacuum cleaner on all surfaces and gaps.

-Bathroom fans should be turned off before removing the outer cover to wash in warm, soapy water. Wipe the fan blades and if necessary, use a toothbrush to clean them. Reassemble when everything is dry.

-Flappers on toilets are inexpensive to replace, but costly water bills will mount if a worn one allows water to run. Check them yearly and replace before they leak.

-Faucet handles corrode with rust if not attended first. Remove and scrub inside.

186320358-At least twice a year, clean carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Dust, vacuum inside and replace the batteries. A good way to remember to do it is when the time changes.

-Have a household sized charged fire extinguisher available.

-Check all the windows to be certain they close and open properly. If they need weather stripping, do it before the weather changes.

-Caulk outdoors in the spring or fall.

-Take window screens outside to clean in the spring and fall. Rub with kerosene then wash with soap and water and allow to dry.

-If there are any small holes in screens make repairs with a toothpick and household cement. (Not on plastic.) If there is a larger hole or tear, use masking tape to hold one side while you apply the cement on the other side. Reverse the application when it has set.

-Clean and repair gutters.

-Rake soil close to the foundation to build up a retention against erosion and water leakage.

It will not be difficult to prevent expensive repairs and unpleasant surprises when applying maintenance at the right times of the year.

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